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Michelle Costello, LPCMH

Calm Sea



Here is a bit about myself and practice for you to determine if you think we would be a good fit!

I use evidence based practices about trauma informed research and our brains (which I love learning about)! I see our "attachments," or our social connections and relationships as an integral role in who we are, and how we manage our stress.  It warms my heart to hear my clients describe feeling more connected to themselves and others through our work. I love when my clients find abilities within themselves to calm their body and mind in ways that they may have never accessed  before.

A few common issues my clients present; although they are high functioning, working, going to school, or taking care of a family, they tend to describe: anxiety, wanting to be productive, discomfort with slowing down or not knowing how, feeling overwhelmed with every day life but struggling to know how to make it feel easier, imposter syndrome, taking care of others and leaving themselves last at times and a disconnect in relationships. Some clients may say they had a "good enough" childhood, but struggle to be more connected to themselves, their partners or children. I also enjoy working with people who identify as Highly Sensitive People (HSPs)  or find out they may be an HSP through our work.

If you are a client of mine you should expect to explore your relationship patterns. We will explore ways to understand, regulate and connect your mind and body, and possibly address some breathing or meditative or mindfulness practices while we are at it! I hope that through our sessions you become more aware of your patterns, and feel more connected to yourself and loved ones.

I enjoy working with adults and families who have a genuine desire to change, and are open to make some deeper connections and insights.

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I take versions of Blue Cross/Highmark and Out of Network.

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Family Therapy

I have extensive experience working with families and love connecting parents and children when it may seem difficult; whether it is a child's behaviors or certain family dynamics that are making it hard to connect or understand what to do to change. Families meeting with me should expect family work, but also parent/caregiver sessions as an important piece of the work. You should reach out if you are a parent who finds it hard to connect, soothe, understand, or fully enjoy your child, having power struggles, or difficulty separating due to melt downs. I also enjoy working with families with adult age children looking to work though family conflict. I do family work for ages 4-12 years of age and adults, and  solely co-parent/parent work with families of teens.

**Please note I do not do custody related work.**

Individual Therapy

Creating a working relationship that feels safe and collaborative is first and foremost! I want us both to feel like this is a good fit. We will communicate about your needs in treatment regularly.  I generally like to work weekly with clients the first 3-6 months, so that we can build a solid foundation, and  then reevaluate if we would like to titrate to every other week and so on. This isn't an exact equation, as everyone's needs are different, and this will be a collaborative ongoing conversation.

**Individual work with those 19 and older**

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Hours & Location

Monday- 9am-4pm  (virtual only)

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 9am-4pm (in person)

Must be in Delaware for all virtual sessions

Office Location: 284 East Main Street, Newark DE 19711

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