Get on the  wait list for upcoming offerings of clinical supervision for LPCMH's and LCSW's

You should reach out to me if you are a therapist interested learning more about:

  • A neuroscience and trauma focused framework.

  • Co regulating in session with your dysregulated clients, with mindfulness, meditation, and breath work (and connecting the science to this.)

  • Attachment Focused Therapy and how it applies to individual therapy as well as family therapy.

  • Understanding and utilizing genograms in session as well as trauma time-lines.

  • If you are a new therapist who has done Family Based Services, IFST,  IOP, and are transitioning to an out-patient setting or lower level of care.

  • If you have done CBT or similar therapies but want to try deeper work and more substantial change in your work and in your clients.

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